We work hand-in-hand with industry leaders to deliver bespoke technology training that transforms personnel into full-fledged information security experts.

IT Training

Ocorie Systems is a dependable technology training partner. We transform people into full-fledged information security experts. Courses are taught by Information security practitioners with decades of real world experience. Our certified trainers go the extra mile to guide you through the attainment of certifications.
We also offer public speaking at events and seminars to create awareness. We offer executive leadership training for corporate risk management and security governance.

Best IT Consultation Providers

IT Consulting

Our consulting services are top-notch. Ocorie gives firms professional and bespoke advice to organizations, agencies, institutions and individuals in all areas of information technology.

Our consulting services include:

Cloud adoption decision-making matrix
Comprehensive risk assessment of cloud computing
Security Audits.
ISO 27001 certification
Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS)
Platform-as-a-service (PAAS)
Software-as-a-service (SAAS)
Design and development of courses, curricula and courseware
Setting up Information security units in organizations
Standard Operations Procedure for centers (Centre SOP)
Organizational and information security policies

IT Staffing

At Ocorie, we screen the best and brightest professionals for IT management, cybersecurity professionals, network engineers, programmers, general IT practitioners, and graphic/web designers, etc.
We liaise with industry players – both local and abroad- to ascertain their IT staffing needs and pitch trained students to them for onward engagement.

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